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Painting Weathered Textures in Watercolour

With demonstrations on; Wood and Iron, Metal and Machines, Wood and Vegetation, Boats and Water and Stone and Cement.


February 1983 ISBN: 0823038726

Publisher: Watson-Guptill

Weathered Texture Workshop

"Shows how to use watercolors to create pictures that capture the textures and colors of weathered wood and metal, and discusses how to portray the changing seasons. "

31 December, 1984 ISBN: 082305697X
Publisher: Watson-Guptill

Creative Drawing and Sketching

"For most artists, becoming proficient at drawing takes practise, and in this book Richard Bolton shows how you can make the most of your efforts. Drawing and sketching materials range from charcoal and water-soluble pencils to dip pens and felt-tips. The merits of each one are discussed in turn as well as the techniques used in drawing and sketching. Subjects include cross-hatching, brush drawing and stippling, and the techniques that cause problems such as capturing moving objects or reflections in water. In addition there are sections devoted to landscapes, skies, trees, coastal scenes and figure drawing. "

5 March, 1994 ISBN: 0713471514
Publisher: B.T. Batsford

Texture & Detail in watercolour.

"Richard Bolton explores the landscape in all it's many facets, from barren fields littered with abandoned machinery to the shimmering quality of sunlight on a secluded stream. A professional and passionate watercolourist, he moves easily from flower to tree and from rusty gateway to weather beaten shed, revelling in the colours and textures of all he sees."

1 February, 1997 ISBN: 0486295095
Publisher: BT Batsford

Landscape Watercolour Painting

ISBN 9578494203 (Translated to Chinese)
Publisher: Yi Fong Tang

Creative Watercolour Techniques

"Richard Bolton explores the versatility of watercolour with an exciting selection of creative techniques. Using 90 step-by-step photographs and a variety of inspirational pictures, he shows how to devolp a range of skills - from applying washes to spattering and sponging."

October 2000 ISBN: 0855328479
Publisher: Search Press

Painting Landscape & Nature

"Watercolour Tips & Techniques is an exciting new series which captures all the beauty and versatility of watercolours while revealing the secrets and delights of painting with this vibrant, fascinating medium. These enjoyable, easy-to-follow books focus on all your favourite subjects and leading artists show how you can build up your skills to create glowing, unique pictures, rich in colour, depth and atmosphere. Everything you want to know about landscape painting is contained in this fresh, practical guide packed with exciting new ways to use watercolour. Using many creative and useful tips, Richard Bolton concentrates on all the elements of the landscape as he shows how to create skies, trees and foliage, water, hills and mountains, snow, figures, animals and more. Exploring the unique qualities of the medium he teaches all the essential techniques, encouraging artists to experiment and improve their skills."

October 2002 ISBN: 0855329890
Publisher: Search Press Ltd